Kym-Li Guardia


Played by: Vivian

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Template:Knight of the Cross

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High Concept – Ninja of the Cross
Trouble – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Background – Despite My Start, I don’t give up
Rising Conflict – Follow Your Heart

1st Story – I Rely On Strangers
Guest Star – People See What They Want To See In Me
Guest Star Redux – (Type Here)

Total: Spent:

Superb (+5)
Great (+4) Weapons Athletics
Good (+3) Endurance Fists Conviction
Decent (+2) Alertness Discipline Survival Investigation
Average (+1) Rapport Performance Scholarship Lore Presence

Stunts & Powers

Total Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 1

  1. (Type Here)

  2. -
  3. 1 Guide My Hand
  4. 1 Holy Touch
  5. 2 Righteousness
  6. -3 Sword of The Cross

Stress Tracks

Physical Mental Social

Gear and Stuff


Age: 18

Family: Mother: Vietnamese, Father: Unknown Spanish Soldier

Affiliated Organizations: Knights of The Cross


Other Notes:

Phase One
Background:Where did you come from?

Phase Aspect: Despite my start, I don’t give up.

Parents: Vietnamese woman, Spanish soldier. Grew up doing Kendo and excelling at it. Plus Advice and gifts from dad. Mother ill, a vegetable from syphilis. She devoted herself to training, so she neglected experiencing a lot in life.

Phase Two
Rising Conflict: What Shaped You?

Phase Aspect: Follow your heart

Shiro Trains me, sets me back on my path. Sword.

Phase Three
The Story: What was your first adventure?

Guest Starring:Alma, Avia
Phase Aspect: People See what they want to see in me.

After a harried flight, Kym arrives in Barcelona and makes her first kill, a red court vamp that Alma is stalking. Kym freezes up when she strikes the killing blow and Alma spurs her to action. After the battle she brings her home, and Avia says Kym is to be treated as one of the family.

Phase Four
Guest Star: Whose Path Have You crossed?

Who’s Story?: Abel
Phase Aspect: I Rely on Strangers.

Distraught about her first kill, Kym goes to the dead vampires house to understand who she killed. Able is drawn there, ready for a fight with the vampire but discovers Kym has already slain him. He tells her that he did right by killing the vampire because it was the will of god, and it makes her feel better about the situation because of able’s commanding presence.

Phase Four
Guest Star Redux: Who Else’s Have You crossed?

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Phase Aspect: (Type Aspect Here)

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Kym-Li Guardia

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