Jason Alexander Crenshaw


Played by: Michael

Face Of:Espíritu Sabio

Template:Custom Wizard

Refresh/Current Fate Points: 1/2

Character Description

Charming, if somewhat distracted mid 20’s American. Friendly and gregarious appearance may hide a deeper more pensive nature. Normally dresses in a full suit, wears a gold band on his left ring finger and, though usually not visible, a diamond engagement ring on a gold chain around his neck.


High Concept Gifted Ectomancer
Trouble Haunted By The Past

Background – You Can Choose Your Friends…
Rising Conflict – …I See Dead People

1st Story – Not Everything Is What It Seems
Guest Star – You Can’t Hide From The Truth
Guest Star Redux Strangely Familiar

Total: 30 Spent: 30

Superb (+5)
Great (+4) Conviction Discipline
Good (+3) Rapport Scholarship Lore
Decent (+2) Empathy Presence Performance Alertness
Average (+1) Deceit Resources Stealth Weapons Contacts

Stunts & Powers

Total Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 1

  1. -2 Channeling

  2. -3 Thaumaturgy

  3. -1 The Sight

  4. -1 Ghost Speaker

  5. 0 Wizard’s Constitution

  6. 0 Soulgaze

  7. 0 Cassandra’s Tears

Stress Tracks

Physical Mental Social

Channeling & Thaumaturgy

Ectomancer Specialty (Thaumaturgy) +1 Complexity

Spirit Veil +5 Str (requires Tarot focus) Crenshaw appears to fade into a ghostly form and vanish.
Hyperawareness (Spirit Block) +5 Str (requires Tarot focus) Crenshaw becomes hyper aware of surroundings and angles of attack, moving instinctively out of harm’s way.
Grasping Dead Maneuver vs movement, zone target (3 for Maneuver, +2 for Zone) Applies Paralyzed with Fear Aspect.

Gear and Stuff

Focus: (4 slots total, 2 used, 2 traded for 4 enchantment slots)
Defensive Spirit Focus +1 Conviction, +1 Discipline – “Fortitude” Tarot Card (2 Slots)

Enchantment: (4 total)
Crenshaw’s Engagement Ring +2 armor vs. Physical, 3 uses (3 slots) Effect: Ghostly outline of a burial shroud appears around Jason, deflecting the attack and then fading away.
Gypsy bracelet with stained glass bangles, 3 Str Spirit (Force) attack, 1 use (1 slot) Effect: Shotgun like blast of flying shards of stained glass.




Affiliated Organizations:


Other Notes:

Phase One
Background:Where did you come from?

Phase Aspect: You Can Choose Your Friends…

Entitled son of a senator, awakened to magic at 16. Shift in focus from “family business” caused a rift with his father. Car wreck at 19 allowed him to be assumed dead and relocate to Spain.

Phase Two
Rising Conflict: What Shaped You?

Phase Aspect: …I See Dead People

Woke one year ago in a wizard controlled hospital in spain with jumbled memories of the last 6 years, “reset” to just after the car wreck. Realizes very quickly that he can see dead people who speak to him and tell him of events past, present and future… but will anyone believe him?

Phase Three
The Story: What was your first adventure?

Guest Starring: Abel
Phase Aspect: Not Everything Is What It Seems

Angry ghosts tell Jason of a nurse that occasionally kills her patients. A soulgaze confirms her guilt and the sight shows a visiting priest as a black knight with angel wings. The spirits prompt Jason to trust the priest and reveal the nurses evil. The nurse disappears shortly afterward.

Phase Four
Guest Star: Whose Path Have You crossed?

Who’s Story?:(Type Character Here)
Phase Aspect: You Can’t Hide From the Truth

After awaking from his coma, Jason cannot get the thought of a woman from his past out of his head. He returns to America to search for her, ultimately finding out that she was his fiancé and recovering his, and her, engagement rings along the path. Alma tracks Jason down just before he contacts her family to find out where she is and reminds him that he is thought dead to everyone from his old life. She convinces him to return to Spain, but afterward the ghost of his fiancé, fettered to her ring, reveals that she was killed in the car wreck that was caused by his arrogance, driving in bad weather when his hex affected the car.

Phase Four
Guest Star Redux: Who Else’s Have You crossed?

Who’s Story?: Nicholas Malvora
Phase Aspect: Strangely Familiar

While watching another wizard show off a scrying window that could tune television broadcasts, Jason is fascinated by, and drawn to one of the soccer players

Jason Alexander Crenshaw

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