Alma Moreu

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.


Played by: Elly

Face Of: Moreu Family Apartments


Refresh/Current Fate Points: 1/5

Character Description

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High Concept – Family Face of the Moreu’s…oh, and I’m a Warden, too.
Trouble – The Reward for a Job Well Done is Another Job

Background – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
Rising Conflict – “What Happened to What I Wanted?”

1st Story – Judge Every Book by It’s Cover…But Keep Reading.
Guest Star – Here I Come to Save the Day, Again
Guest Star Redux – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Total: 30
Spent: 30

Superb (+5)
Great (+4) Discipline Conviction
Good (+3) Athletics Lore Endurance
Fair (+2) Alertness Weapons Stealth Investigation
Average (+1) Presence Scholarship Contacts Resources Intimidation

Stunts & Powers

Total Refresh:8
Adjusted Refresh: 1

  1. -3 Evocation

  2. -3 Thamatergy

  3. -1 The Sight

  4. 0 Soulgaze

  5. 0 Wizards Constitution

Stress Tracks

Physical Mental Social


Mild -2 (Any):
Moderate -4 (Any):
Severe -6 (Any):
Extreme -8(Any):

Evocation & Thaumaturgy

Gear and Stuff


Age: 32

Family: The Moreu Family

Affiliated Organizations: The Wardens, The White Council


Other Notes:

Phase One
Background:Where did you come from?

Phase Aspect: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Strong Catalan family, extended growing up on a mesia, with Wizard Pepeta ‘avia’ moreu as the matriarch. Everyone knew everyone else’s business. The strong sense of duty in the family has led alma to a life of honor and duty and purpose. If you know what is right, you act.

Phase Two
Rising Conflict: What Shaped You?

Phase Aspect: “What Happened to What I Wanted?”

Alma was apprenticed to Avia at a young age and stayed her apprentice until released. She still learns from her grandmother, though their ways are different. Avia began training Alma to care for the extended family teaching her to be a caretaker. In the course of helping a cousin, Alma discovered she was dating a white court virgin. The vampire virgin took her cousin’s life and Alma dispensed justice for her family in a way that the White Court could not lay blame on the White Council or her family. This impressed the White Council and they offered to train Alma to be a warden under Luccio. Her ability to care for and protect her extended family and her sense of duty and ability to act on her own, appealed to them.

Phase Three
The Story: What was your first adventure?

Guest Starring: Able
Phase Aspect: The Friend of my Enemy is my Friend

Alma hates white court vamps ever since the death of her cousin. When she discovers a white court vampire posing as a nun she begins stalking her, and just as Alma is ready to whack the white court nun, Able steps in and stops her. Able had set the the nun on a less destructive path, and felt she was part of his flock to look after.

Phase Four
Guest Star: Whose Path Have You crossed?

Who’s Story?: Kym-Li
Phase Aspect: Here I Come To Save the Day, Again

Alma stalked a group of red court vamps over time gathering intelligence for the war. One day as she watched them a young girl with a sword cane charged blindly into the midst of a powerful red court vampire’s dealings and slay him on the spot. With the sight Alma saw her rush in with bright feathery wings and angels voices spurring her on, but as soon as the deed was done and the vampire dead, the girl crumpled to the ground wings ‘broken’ and silence filling the air. The girl, Kym-Li, was stunned by the reality she’d made her first kill and sank to the ground unmoving. Before the slain vampire’s compatriots could exact vengeance however, Alma stepped in to save the girl and slew them. She took her home because she had no place to go. She planned on giving Kym-li shelter only breifly but Avia was there and told Alma that Kym-li would be treated as family, end of discussion.

Phase Four
Guest Star Redux: Who Else’s Have You crossed?

Who’s Story?: Crinshaw
Phase Aspect: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Alma Moreu

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