The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.


Played by:Ashley

Face Of:(type location here)

Template: True Believer

Refresh/Current Fate Points: 1/1

Character Description

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High Concept – Shepherd to the Dangerous Lost
Trouble Life of Sin Not Forgotten

Background – The Black Sheep
Rising Conflict Jealousy Is The Tribute Mediocrity Pays To Genius

1st Story – Cautious Devil’s Advocate(Change?)
Guest Star – The Shepherd Watches Over His Flock
Guest Star Redux – Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, But I Do

Total: 30 Spent:30

Superb (+5) Presence
Great (+4) Fists
Good (+3) Athletics Conviction Alertness
Fair (+2) Discipline Endurance Contacts Investigation
Average (+1) Empathy Stealth Weapons Rapport

Stunts & Powers

Total Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 1

  1. -1 Bless This House

  2. -1 Guide My Hand

  3. -1 Holy Touch

  4. -2 Righteousness

  5. -1 Killer Blow

  6. -1 Personal Magnatism

Stress Tracks

Physical Mental Social


Mild -2 (Any):
Mild -2 (Social Only):
Moderate -4 (Any):
Severe -6 (Any):
Extreme -8(Any):

Gear and Stuff




Affiliated Organizations:


Other Notes:

Phase One
Background:Where did you come from?

Phase Aspect: The Black Sheep

Raised in Cordoba Spain to a large family, the oldest child, Abel was raised to care for his family and had a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Family not super religious, but Abel was devout and church appealed to him. Priest with true faith sees the true faith in Abel and convinces parents to let the church raise him. Not really connected with family so never sees them. He showed a talent for hand to hand combat and was taken into the Ordo Malleus, that made him into a cleaner for God.

Phase Two
Rising Conflict: What Shaped You?

Phase Aspect: Jealousy is the Tribute mediocrity pays to Genius

Abel knew a young girl named Liliana as a child, they met again as adults. She was a prostitute and he fell in love. She just loves his business.

As a young student he was younger then most of the other children, all were orphans being raised in this secret society army for the church.

He seems anointed, and full of faith, chosen by God and thus the other boys were jealous and picked on him, until he kicked all their asses during final exams. Literally. Abel has a mortal enemy from school, a young man who was so fun of jealousy he fell away from the faith.

Phase Three
The Story: What was your first adventure?

Guest Starring: Kym-Li
Phase Aspect: Cautious Devil’s Advocate

Abel feels led by God to go to a house where a certain red court vampire lives and so she thinks she is being sent there to kill the vampire. But once she gets there she realizes God did not send her for the vampire, because the vampire is all ready dead. God sent her to the Knight of The Cross to aid her emotional dilemma.

Phase Four
Guest Star: Whose Path Have You crossed?

Who’s Story?: Alma Moreu
Phase Aspect: The Shepherd Watches Over His Flock

Alma the Wizard was hunting down the Nun White Court Vampire Sister Francesca Margri. Abel had set Margri up as a nun, trying to turn her life around and do something positive while feeding on humans. Abel interveend as Alma was going to kill Margri, Abel showed Alma that she did not understand the truth about the Nun. Abel convinced her to stay her hand and learn more before acting.

Phase Four
Guest Star Redux: Who Else’s Have You crossed?

Who’s Story?: Crenshaw
Phase Aspect: Two Wrongs do not make a right, but I do

Abel was visiting in the hospital that Crenshaw was in when he soul gazed the Nurse that was a Killer. Crenshaw was disconcerted by what he saw and the fact he saw it at all. He was talking loudly to another wizard. Abel heard and then later contacted Crenshaw and dispatched the Nurse.


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